1. Jemima & Henry, Voewood

    15 Oct 2019
    By looking at the grand exterior of Voewood House, you wouldn’t expect to walk in to find neon signs, crocodile heads, and David Bowie artwork on the walls, so I was in my element just walking around the place trying to capture the countless number of quirky details, in the…

  2. Bek & Buzz, Kenyan Safari Wedding

    08 Oct 2019
    Bek & Buzz’s Kenyan wedding was a once in a lifetime experience that I’ll never forget! I had the privilege of camping alongside the other guests throughout the week, so by the time wedding day came around I felt like I knew everyone, which made the entire experience even more…

  3. Holly & James, Larmer Tree Gardens Wedding

    30 Sep 2019
    I was beyond-impressed by the level of creativity that went into Holly & James’ day and the eclectic mix of details that they put together for their truly unique Larmer Tree wedding. I was equally impressed at the robustness of James’ gut, after having to eat 80+ premium yogurts in…

  4. Gemma & Harry, Ever After Dartmoor Wedding

    27 Sep 2019
    The first time I met Gemma and Harry, we were all completely soaked, on a dark, rainy night in London, so I think the wedding gods must’ve been looking out for them on their actual wedding day, because it turned out to be one of the nicer days of the…

  5. Luka & Ash, Ocean Studios Wedding

    14 Jun 2019
    Luka & Ash had a​ stunner of a day at Ocean Studios​, followed by an after party at Hanging Gardens​. I was loving the industrial setting of the venue and all of the amazing details put together by Luka and Miranda Hackett Flowers​!  Venue: Weddings at Ocean Studios Afterparty: Hanging…

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