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  1. Laura & Elias’ Lakeside, Tipi Wedding in Devon

    Date 14 Dec 2018
    I absolutely love being able to shoot weddings for friends, including this one back in June for Laura & Elias. They decided to have a tipi set up beside a lake at one of their parent’s houses, which couldn’t have been a more perfect location for a hot, June day. They also conveniently left an old…

  2. Katie & Danny’s Humanist, Garden Wedding in Devon.

    Date 23 Sep 2018
    The sun is wayyy overrated. All you really need is a good bunch of people, lots of prosecco, a bit of rain, an amazing garden, and even more prosecco… It seemed to work for Katie & Danny’s wedding at least; what an awesome day it was!  Venue: A Family Home in Devon

  3. Jessica & Mike, Ashton Barn

    Date 04 Sep 2018
    Jessica & Mike were lucky to get any form of attention on their day to be honest, considering they invited SIX puppies to their wedding. However, with all of the other awesome details they put together, combined with the beautiful location, I did manage to pull myself together and capture more than just the pups……

  4. Naomi & Matt, Trevenna Barn

    Date 28 Aug 2018
    It’s been over a month since Naomi & Matt’s wedding at Trevenna Barns and I’m sure most of the guests are still struggling to erase their memory of the best man’s life-drawing anecdote, that he kindly acted out during his speech… spread eagle, on the top table. Apart from that, it was a properly-beautiful day… Venues:  Ceremony: Mutley…

  5. Jocelyn & David, Ealing

    Date 13 Aug 2018
    Jocelyn & David are two of the nicest people you could hope to meet, and their wedding was a bit different for me, because they chose to spend their entire day at their beautiful, local church in Ealing, which is a place that clearly plays a big role in both of their lives. I couldn’t believe how they managed to transform…

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