Fine-Art Books by Folio

Handmade to order, using the finest quality cover materials, papers and inks, the Fine-Art Books by Folio Albums are in a class of their own; and the beautifully crafted, square design is both modern and timeless. 

It's all about you!

Every spread in your book is manually designed around your chosen photographs, and the material, colour, and style of the book itself will be tailored completely to your taste; so whether you prefer something light & sleek, big & bold, or somewhere in between, your album will be truly unique to you.

You will be able to choose all of photographs you would like to feature in your book and there is no specific limit to the number of photographs you can include, as additional spreads can be added if you run out of space.

Lets Talk Design

Once you've made your selection of photographs, I will then work with you to design each of the spreads, where you can have as much or as little input as you like until you're 100% happy with the design.

The images in your book are printed directly onto the page and each spread opens out flat with an almost invisible crease so your photographs can be displayed across two pages; allowing almost-endless design possibilities. 

What are the steps?

1. Get in touch:  We can chat about options, preferences and ideas for your book.

2. Photograph Selection:  You can select the photographs you would like to include in your book.

3. Draft Design: I will then put a draft together using your selected photographs and preferences.

4. Feedback and Changes: Using your feedback, I will make alterations to the design until you're 100% happy with it, no matter how big or small the changes are.

5. Production: Once the design has been completed and you're happy to proceed, the design will be sent to Folio Albums who will then produce your book.

6. Get excited! Your book will be shipped in around 15 working days.


Fine-Art Books are available in the following dimensions:

8x8" with 15 Spreads | £380

10x10" with 15 Spreads | £410

12x12" with 15 Spreads | £440

Optional Extras

Additional Spreads | £15 per Spread

22 Carat Gold or Palladium Personalisation | £15

6x6 Duplicate Parent Books with 15 Spreads | £120 for One or £210 for Two

Feel free to get in touch if you would like a brochure or if you would like to place an order.

You can also find more info in the FAQs section below.


How will my book be packaged?

As standard, Fine-Art Books are presented inside a natural Cotton Bag and delivered in a beautiful, craft-cardboard box for long-term safekeeping. 

Bamboo boxes are also available as an extra, so I would be more than happy to send over a quote.

How long does production usually take?

Once the design has been finalised with me, the files will then be sent over to Folio Albums who will aim to produce your album within 15 working days. Please keep in mind that it can sometimes take a bit longer over busy periods. 

Are smaller copies available?

Yes. 6x6" books are available as direct copies of a 12x12", 10x10" or 8x8" book. Please see above for pricing.

If you wish to have a direct copy in larger sizes (8x8", 10x10" or 12x12") I will be more than happy to send over a quote.

How many photographs would you recommend selecting?

For a 15 spread book I would ask for you to select between 80-90 of your favourite photographs, however there is no specific limit to the number of photographs you can choose, as more spreads can be added if you run out of space.

Do you require a deposit?

There is no deposit required if you are ordering one book. The payment will only be due once you're 100% happy with the design and you're ready for your book to be put into production with Folio.

If you wish to order multiple books then a 50% deposit will be required for each additional book. Once the deposit has been received, we will then be able to start the design process.

Do we need to order before the wedding?

No. You don't need to order before the wedding and there is no cut off point after the wedding, so whether it's your 1st or 10th anniversary, feel free to get in touch as I would love to hear from you.

Is there a delivery fee?

No. Delivery is included and will be processed by Folio Albums. To process the delivery I will require your address, phone number and an email address to share with Folio Albums so that they can update you on the delivery, however no payment details will be shared with Folio Albums.

Do we have to make an album through you?

No. You are more than welcome to make albums and prints elsewhere and I would highly encourage you to look around to find one that works best for you.

Get in touch!

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